Saturday, June 17, 2006

69' Dodge Superbee....Daily Car Wish-List

These are cars that get my motor running. When they start up they send chills down your spine. And, when you get behind the wheel the adrenaline starts pumping. You will not find any rice burners on my list (Although, I own two of them). Pure American Power is all you find here. I have a big wish list. And, I am going to share some of it with you.

This here is a 69 Dodge Superbee. One of the reason's this car is on my list is my Dad. He owned one of these back in the 70's. Growing up I heard many wonderful stories about this ride, which fueled my need for speed. This car, according to my Dad, wa
s never beat on the streets of Colorado Springs. The closest it ever came to losing was to a 57' Nomad (Which I might add later). My Mom has confirmed many of the stories, as she was usually in the passenger seat. Actually, she learned to drive with this car. And, if you knew my Mom this is pretty funny. I can just picture her with all that power. You see, she is very feminine and delicate.

So, this car makes it at the top of my wishlist (Right below the Shelby's). I would love to be able to build one of these and give it to my Dad. What a suprise, huh? Of course, I would have to have one for myself too!


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my brother has one of those

2:18 PM  
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